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Perfect For Multiple Industries

Our innovative platform allows you to “stick” voice memos, line drawings, upload images,videos and 3D objects into the real world, fostering easier collaboration between team members.

Create Interactive Surfaces
In A Few Taps Of Your Device

Our easy-to-use expanding tool menu helps you set up your table, floor or surrounding spaces in a matter of seconds. Bring your project to life by adding 2D & 3D visuals, audio clips, drawings, and real-time collaboration that keeps your project's directives on track, improving project management efficiency.

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Share with Private Groups or
Publish to the World

Our technology puts you in complete control by allowing you to easily share your projects within a closed group of collaborators, adding and removing access whenever you need. You can also share your Surfaces or Spaces with your colleagues or to the public, increasing your exposure to the masses.

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Seamless Integration
With Future Digital Eyewear

We are constantly looking for ways to take productivity to the next level, especially with the latest revolution in spatial computing! That's why our mobile application will be 'future-ready' and plan to be integratable with leading manufacturers of mixed reality wearables. Our focus will be on SDK's (Software Development Kits) with ongoing upgrades, to ensure you're kept up-to-date.

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    With StickARs, I’ve been able to visually coordinate better with my clients and team. I can get feedback faster and more efficiently than I did before.

    Sophie H.

    Fashion Designer
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    Wow – this application exceeded all my expectations! It was so easy to use and helped me to work with my team, even though I was across town.

    Florio B.

    Event Coordinator
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    We use StickARs AR Tools to create fun, interactive experiences for our customers in store that help them make more informed buying decisions.

    Catherine J.

    Super Market Manager
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    I use StickARs to help my clients visualize their concepts. It also helps me make recommendations and share feedback with my team.

    William A.

    Professional Landscaper
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    The StickARs interface is really easy to use. It’s made collaborating so much easier and has helped me deliver key parts to my projects on time. Highly recommended!

    Mary T.

    Real Estate Developer
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    StickARs is a great app! It helps me visually lay out any room design using notes along with the decorative object packs I downloaded from their library.

    Michelle R.

    Interior Designer